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Proposal and Grant Writing

With close to 15 years of experience securing funding non-profit sector projects and programs, and by facilitating a multi-million dollar national peer-review proposal evaluation process, Ainsley brings the strategic project design and communications skills needed to pitch a successful funding proposal. The proposals that Ainsley develops include:

  • a strong project design and solid logic model;
  • clearly articulated project goals, objectives and outcomes;
  • effective messaging that targets the priorities and needs of the funder.

Report Writing

As an excellent writer and communicator, Ainsley prepares reports that are;

  • are well written, in plain language and are easily understood by a wide range of audiences (i.e. policy makers, program managers, clients, etc.);
  • simplify complex issues without losing important detail and context; and
  • provide a clear set of key messages, recommendations, actions, and/or next steps so that they are useful tools

Policy Development, Analysis and Advocacy

Ainsley brings experience as the lead and as a collaborator on successful policy and advocacy initiatives targeting the federal government, including:

  • lobby days on the hill;
  • submissions and presentations to House of Commons and Senate committees; and
  • proposals for multi-year, multi-million dollar federal investments into community-led programming.

The policy and advocacy services that are available include:

  • developing position statements, background reports and policy recommendations;
  • working with stakeholders to gain support, consensus and buy-in; and
  • providing strategic advice on framing and communicating policy recommendations to increase their effectiveness and impact on government and private sector targets.

Research Design and Data Analysis

With a Masters degree in Sociology and experience working with marginalized communities (including First Nations, Inuit and Metis, Sex Workers, and People Living with HIV/AIDS), Ainsley combines rigorous research methodology with a strong ethical approach that respects the social and cultural needs of the community that is being engaged. Research services include:

  • design and implement social research methodologies including surveys and interviews;
  • conduct background research and prepare reports, environmental scans, literature reviews, needs assessments and asset mapping activities;
  • analyse and summarise existing/previously collected data; and
  • translate research into tangible tools, resources, case studies, and recommendations.