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About Ainsley

Health, Social Justice and the Voluntary Sector

Ainsley Chapman, MA, has been directing and managing health and social justice initiatives for over a decade. She has led community development, policy analysis, research and strategic planning activities in the area of women’s health, sexual and reproductive health, Aboriginal health, infectious and chronic disease (heart health, respiratory health, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS) poverty, income security/disability supports, and the social determinants of health.

A Trained Researcher

As a trained researcher with a Masters in Sociology from Concordia University, Ainsley has been developing, conducting and overseeing social research projects, including community-based research and participatory action research with marginalised and vulnerable populations.

An Excellent Communicator

Ainsley is extremely detailed and analytical, with an excellent ability to synthesize complex ideas into clear, logical, and strategic reporting tools. Her bibliography of social research, policy analysis and strategic planning reports targets a range of audiences, including bureaucratic and political government audiences, health professionals, policy makers, non-governmental organizations, and broad multi-sector audiences.

A Focus on Collaboration

With a community-development background, Ainsley fosters and supports stakeholder collaboration across sectors, disciplines, and fields of expertise. Engaging stakeholders and communicating with target populations early in project planning leads to strong and successful outcomes.

An Understanding of Multi-jurisdictional Issues

With extensive experience working in national charities and in federated models, Ainsley has led and managed policy analysis and advocacy projects on health and socio-economic issues crossing federal, provincial/territorial and municipal jurisdictions for research projects and national non-governmental organizations. This work requires sensitivity to the political and economic conditions that influence how stakeholders are engaged, how policy is designed, and how programming is rolled out when multiple governments and jurisdictions are involved.

A Community Volunteer and Non-Profit Sector Advocate

Passionate about the non-profit sector and an active volunteer in Nepean, Ainsley serves as Secretary to the Nepean Rideau Osgoode Community Resource Centre Board of Directors. She is currently working with community members and local leaders to revitalise the local playground and to build an effective community association.

A Full-team Approach

For larger projects or activities that would benefit from additional specialized skills, Ainsley partners with leading experts in the fields of advocacy and government relations, communications, graphic design, governance, and strategic planning.