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With close to 15 years of experience at the national and at the community level, Ainsley works with health charities and non-profits to:

  • better understand their environment or an issue at hand;
  • plan effectively and make the best use of their resources;
  • make informed decisions that are supported by partners, clients and other stakeholders;
  • make recommendations to improve policy and programs; and
  • turn their vision into results and tangible outcomes.

Specialized Services

For projects and programs short on staff and tight on deadlines, Ainsley brings in expertise to fill in gaps and get results quickly and efficiently:

  • Proposal and grant writing: Securing funding from government and private sectors through effective project planning and communications.
  • Project design and evaluation: Outlining clear goals and objectives, identifying resourcing needs and building tools to measure outcomes.
  • Strategic planning: Mapping out a clear course of action to keep a program or organization sustainable, achieving its goals, and staying true to its vision and mission.
  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration: Making programs successful by engaging partners, clients, board members, staff, volunteers, funders, etc. in the different stages of program planning and implementation.
  • Report Writing: Turning existing data (i.e. existing focus group reports, needs assessments, etc.) into clear and well written reports.
  • Policy Development and Analysis: Developing strategic recommendations, position statements, and policy documents targeting social and economic policy and programs.
  • Research Design and Data Analysis: Designing projects, developing tools and leading activities (focus groups, needs assessments, satisfaction surveys, etc.)
  • Project Management: Full project planning and design through to delivery and evaluation.